Entry #1

About NR 7...

2008-10-06 16:02:24 by fioriparty

Well this is my first post here n_n

I would like to thank you all guys for your support on the NR series n_n you´ve been really nice!!

What most people want to know is when will NR7 be released, well i have to say that now i am very busy with university, i have tons to read -_- most of it is phylosophy and ethycs and i have to make essays, then i have a lot of teamwork which are campaings for different products T_T and i have to make expositions almost everyweek so i am REALLY BUSY T_T

yeah it is hard to be an advertiser on the UPC university

i wanted to make a flash for the OTAKUFEST (which is an anime convention here in Peru) but then again university gave a lot of homework so i had to suspend that project at 50% advanced -_- well i think i will complete that flash for the next convention

NR7 is at 35% advanced , i have almost three musical clips done and i already thought about the intro (i always have problems making intros n-nU i think they are the most difficult part of a flash T_T) which will be kinda long because it is a scene and then a musical clip

i made a trailer for NR7 and i did not uploaded here because it was too short

/* */
after making the script of teh main scene of NR7 which will be "Springtime for Fiori and Sasuke" and it is connected with teh intro scene i thought that explain the whole history of how Sasuke ended up in a cheerry blossom forest will take too long and i dont want to deal with heavy flash files -_- so i think i will make a second trailer... longer...funnier... and shocking XD

until then maybe i will make little flashes to keep you guys entertained but that depends on how many free time i have

so please be patient cause NR7 will take a while (plus i have to make it in two different languages n-nU but i will upload the english version here)

thanks for you support! n_n


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2008-10-06 16:31:37

Naruto with random humor.
What an original and funny idea.

fioriparty responds:

is that sarcasm? XD


2008-10-06 16:50:58

Next time I fucking see "n_n" I will shit myself.


2008-10-06 17:12:44

This is a very funny post


2008-10-06 17:59:14

Lo esperare con ansias, desde que encontre tus flashes todos me han parecido muy bacanos (genial en colombiano XD).

PD: A ti la universidad matandote y yo en paro :P

Saludos desde Colombia

fioriparty responds:



2008-10-06 18:01:24

well your wrong about the solo thing, howthegrinchwasanasshole was all me (clock account ist mein alt)

and fiving your own flashes doesn't make you cool


2008-10-06 18:41:23

is this all you do? have you ever thought about doing something other than naruto? something that YOU made up?

fioriparty responds:

well i made the ""Wii love Brawl comedy" flash but the audio is not mine so i dont take much credit for that hehe

i choosed to make Naruto flashes in the first place so i can master my drawings and because there is a large amount of people who watch Naruto so my "advertiser senses" tells me "go make somethign everybody likes, get an audience, master your skills, then start making more personal projects because you will already have a public that WILL watch them"

it is not like i am going to make Naruto flashes forever (i stopped watching the anime because it is crap now) after this flash i will probably move into other things but i have to improve myself u_u i´m not good enough yet


2008-10-06 19:11:17

Your Naruto Randomnes are the best, wish you luck for future flashes, buena suerte.

fioriparty responds:

thank you!!


2008-10-06 20:14:52

Cool! Can't wait to see it! I'm not a die-hard fan of Naruto, but I love good parodies and yours are some of the best!

fioriparty responds:

thank you!!


2008-10-07 17:45:13

Never underestimate the amazingness of women!!
I LOVE your flashes they are so kick BUTT!!!
Keep makin the awesome flashes!
Your Friend,
Billie aka declineaddict2
P.S. im a girl n_n

fioriparty responds:

thank you!!


2008-10-07 21:28:54

I can't wait to see NR7!It looks like it will be very funny.^.^

fioriparty responds:

thank you!!


2008-10-10 03:53:45

You should take your time real fans dont just want you to make them stuff to watch i personaly would like you to liveu r life becauseu r not here to entertain us you use your time to do this its up to you i love ur work gl with all the homework


2008-10-10 07:28:10

how r u? n_n


2008-10-11 15:57:54

^_^' Well, Sasuke is gonna pay either way... He's better off fighting with Naruto, than be tortured by you


2008-10-12 19:03:12

I fucking hate naurito so bad but that flash fits perfectly with the yuri vs. yoai war at my school that me and some chick started. lol

Ill have to show it to them lol


2008-10-12 22:45:48

Genial NR7
Oye fioriparty tengo una duda, ¿Este NR tambien estara dividido en version ingles y version español? porque ciertas partes en Ingles que no las entiendo

fioriparty responds:

bueno voy a sacar dos versiones una en español y otra en ingles pero en ambas las canciones en ingles se mantienen, solo las partes ocn voces cambian de idioma



2008-10-16 16:43:34

Whoa, you still making flash?



2008-10-20 13:12:45

Can I help you with skewering Sasuke? :3 I had your same reaction when he died and then Madara revealed everything. :3


2008-10-20 14:43:15

poor itachi :( (hey look at deviant art, i'm Itachi4Heaven xD!!)


2008-10-20 14:45:42

let's screw Sasuke

- / . \ - <------ itachi's face O.o


2008-10-20 18:22:35

Hmm maybe make the opening a parody of the shippuden 4th opening.


2008-11-01 10:33:25

you are my idol
sos mi idolo
te juro que comparto todos tus flashes con mis amigos
sos increible!!!!!!!!!
pero espero que subas aca en newgrounds tus verciones en español
porque a mi no me gusta youtube
esta lleno de SENSURA
entonses seria genial que las subas aca
yo las entiendo en ingles pero mis amigos no
y es mucha lata estarselas traduciendo
gracias por todos tus flashes sos la mejor


2008-11-02 13:15:38

I love your Work, it's pretty damn funny. I laugh everytime i see one of your Flashes. I hope you keep on Working on the Flashes, and also... Your Great!


2008-11-11 19:42:25

that trailer was AWSOME, even thought it was short ^____________^


2008-11-12 18:54:16

vaya estas atareada en la universidad aca en chile ni siquiera podemos aspirar a salir de enseñanza media jajaja bueno ojal salga pronto tu proximo flash

buena suerte ; )


2008-11-13 20:47:49

q ondaaaa eres como mi sempai, eres la maestra de los flashes


2008-11-17 03:57:45

Look great! I hope it'll be done soon!

Also, somewhere on youtube somebody made a stepmania version..
Keep up your good work!



2008-11-18 23:43:30

Quite good as ever. I thought i already saw this trailer... maybe i was on your youtube channel maybe it's deja vu o.O'...

Well, it's a bad thing that you are out of time... Cus' snowdragon leave us alone forever... Your flash draw really improved, bur, have you ever thought of using photoshop "pre-rendered" images? like do the draw e paint stuff in photoshop, than, export to flash? Just a idea thought xD

Keep the good work o//


2008-11-25 21:34:20

oh man, i cannot wait for NR 7! i've been waiting for so long for it come out! i hope you finish it soon!


2008-12-01 18:27:03

You are so good doing flashes fioriparty i know that nr7 its gonna be the best of all


2008-12-03 16:42:44

These thing keep on getting funnier


2008-12-06 05:14:49

your the best at naruto comedy keep up the good work


2008-12-11 22:43:13

Fiori!!! I love your flashes! I whatch them daily, your voice acting sucks kinda, but thats okay! i wish I lived in the same city as you so I could learn from the best on how to make flashes! I am a big fan, but I finally got up the courage to tell you this, heh. WHen you make flashes of comedian vocals I think that is the shiznit, but I really like your random flashes, I whatch NR6 like 3-8 times a day, and minimise it so I can listen to it, please send me a PM and no espanjol porfavor hablo PORQUITO espanol, hehehe and I like ot when you show emotes in your posts! nowadays its hard to tell what someone thinks when they write, also the flsh you have fiorys special message! you should do one of those every month so we know how you are doing! your fan- Action! mayamo andreas (Andy) :) PS; you rock!


2008-12-12 16:58:43

cool. its good to see you back on ng seen as all the good fan flash authors exept you have left us for good. good luck with your job and your flash when you find time for them.

ps. i had a slightly similar reaction to yours i mean itachi was the only cool(goth) person in the entire manga and they went and finished him off?!? why?!? i just cant wait to see the pain vs. naruto one, now that will be something for you to spoof oh and just a suggestion, but maybe in nr7 for one of your mini things you should have like a spoof of pains controller like have him as bill gates(the windows dude) or something .......


2008-12-13 04:43:41

The ending was lolz :D
Don't kill Sasuke! He thought Itachi was evil!
(And he's kinda needed for the plot XD)


2008-12-20 14:31:36

i cant wait till nr7, im a big fan of your work n_n bye! :T


2009-01-10 09:00:00

NRs ROCK!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-01-11 08:42:32

I sure hope you do something non naruto related soon, I mean at first I LIKED naruto..then when I saw all the fans I was like OK FUCK THIS. seriously..Naruto sucks and I'm tired of seeing naruto flashes from you...but whatever.. =\


2009-01-12 21:34:23

Geez, there are so many Naruto haters out there. I personally don't watch it so much anymore because it's getting a bit boring, but your Naruto flashes are hilarious and entertaining! Don't listen to those nagging assholes and make flashes about whatever anime YOU want, as long as it is the one that makes YOU happy, not the haters. :)

I am looking forward to your future flashes!


2009-01-13 21:42:09

GO GO ACTION FIORI! *Thinking:Wait... What the f--- is that supposed to mean? ahh wth, it doesnt matter, as long as i make a point* n_n lulage, hope it comes soon. T_T Im crashing under my own work as it is... Nobody is helping me T_T grats to your work!


2009-01-13 22:05:27

Oh.... I always thought you were floriparty for some reason...


2009-01-22 19:03:43

Your so under appriciated.....i loved your work.....im making a flash series and ill be sure to put a Hi fiori on a wall of some wut in the trailer. but anyways ur top ten in my list.


2009-01-24 03:49:28

Hey I think this parody is going to turn out great and your flashes are awesome.


2009-01-25 16:40:07

O_O I never knew you were a girl...................
but.........i dont have anything else to say


2009-01-27 21:40:15

i think ur brawl flash was way better than the rest of ur flashes...


2009-01-28 12:04:07

Lamento mucho lo que esos malditos de youtube le hacen a tus videos, fiori, sabelo que algo vamos a hacer


2009-02-01 19:03:57

Can't wait for Naruto Randomness 7 Fiori, Hope to see it soon.


2009-02-09 12:43:24

lol your videos are awesome....¿speak sapanish?


2009-02-11 02:41:05


I hope it's good! I really do hope so.

Also...Nice banner. ^^



2009-02-12 17:46:11

nice flashes. how?


2009-02-22 11:50:12

¿Algun dia haras otro flash de Super smash bros brawl?