Thank you for the Review Crew Pick!! + future projects

2009-10-21 14:34:09 by fioriparty

Hey guys!!

I`m happy that NR7 got the Review Crew Pick award =D thank you for you support and patience n_n yeah this project was so time-consuming and took like a year to be completed T_T university didnt help too

I want to thank all the people who helped me with this project like Ashleybanger (Sasuke, Naruto,etc), Antfish (George W. Bush) , reviewerman12 (Frankie) and Andrea Giese (Sakura) for their awesome voices =D you guys are great!!

Well after this i`m moving onto other stuff n_n lately Hetalia has been the brand new popular anime and i have some ideas in my head about it (plus some fanart i`ve doing in my Deviantart account), also i want to advance my comic called Generation WTF, and i would like to make some shorties since next year i`ll do the thesis on UPC so i can finally graduate -_-U so yeah i dont feel like making another BIG project like a NR (plus the manga is not the same once your favorite characters are killed T_T) buuuuuuuu

I`m taking a break for now, so i think i`ll be doing fanart til i`m done with this term at university n_n

Take care!! =D


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2009-10-22 13:13:34

Your new movie was funny! :P I'm sad that the series will end at 7. I've watched all of your awesome parodies and I could honestly say, "YOU ROCK!"


2009-10-27 15:29:36

i agree whit him (i mean the majoramster) you Rock and you will rock forever!!!


2009-10-31 21:37:04

the movie was really funny .. it's really sad i ends just there but still it's great!!!!


2009-11-01 18:01:35

i wanna know if there will be a NR8 'cause i really love all your vids,and i come to the site everyday to see if there's something new,so i hope that it'll have an NR8 ^^


2009-11-18 14:25:44

man naruto randomness we are going to miss it but its so great thanks for uploading¡¡¡¡¡


2009-11-26 14:36:54

Fiori, Thanks for all that laughts you gave to me...But I Have Terrible News....¡KISAME HAS BEEN KILLED! ¡BY RAIKAGE AND HIS BROTHER! ¡IN THE WORST WAY! (His head is now...separated to his body..let's say) All Akatsuki is falling down...¡NEXT ONE WILL BE TOBI! ¡HE'S A GOOD BOY! T.T...Oh, NR7 was Awesome!


2009-11-27 17:20:21

Thank you for putting deidara into naruto randomness 7 it really made the flash 1 step better for me.yeah i really like your flashes keep going! by the way good luck at university!


2010-01-09 18:30:51

I've watched your videos on youtube and I love them all. I wish you would continue the NR seires but i understand that you cant. Can you tell me what you use to make your videos, I use windows movie aker, but that doesnt work well, please help.

fioriparty responds:

I use Adobe Flash cs3


2010-01-14 11:58:24

Your NR are so cool!
It will be cool if you do NR8...


2010-01-15 20:49:55




2010-01-29 12:48:21

I watched most of your videos,and there were awesome.I liked the NR series best please make an 8th one. :D Sorry for my bad english.


2010-02-04 21:28:07

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2010-02-07 04:52:12

hi man,we need more Naruto Randomness it sooo owsome


2010-02-07 18:46:29

hey fiory party i think you are in the university and you are greet with those NR all yours fans are love you


2010-02-26 09:21:56

naruto randomness... :O


2010-02-26 14:57:45

Hey floriparty im fan of urs.soo imade a website it has some of your videos.
so come and become a member , its come here.
it full funny things of naruto


2010-03-09 01:39:45

hmm is there really big snowball fights like that in canada? cause id totally kick everyones butt... i mean snowball everyone... yeaaaaa.....if its like that im moving there no hesitation...or atleast try to convince my gonna end this now.. crap leave it bottons gone darn computer....


2010-03-09 19:18:45

can i touch your boobs


2010-03-09 19:51:36

Make flahs movies in spanish and make a subtitle :D



2011-03-04 21:40:07

fiori que buenas me rei mucho..jajaja...eres genial... sigue asi :D