I am glad you liked my animation :)

Woot!! Daily 2nd Place!!

2010-03-10 20:26:29 by fioriparty

Thanks for the award on Hetalia Winter Olympics XD i had lots of fun making the flash n_n specially because lots of fans of the series requested it =)

I started animating it like one day after the Opening Ceremony , i spent a lot of time searching for pics of the Country Parade (yeah the uniforms) so the flash would be more accurate =) and that`s why it took me so long u.u i would have liked to finish it in two weeks but also i was advancing the thesis at university >_<

And about real life, i finished doing the 1st part of the Thesis, ended with good grades and all, now the next term will be the last one and then i`ll finally graduate =D i`m only taking 4 subjects but i know is going to be a LOT of work o.oU so yeah for now i`ll only make fanart, comics and of course going to anime cons here in Perú =)

Well i`m leaving now =) take care!!

Hey guys!!

I`m happy that NR7 got the Review Crew Pick award =D thank you for you support and patience n_n yeah this project was so time-consuming and took like a year to be completed T_T university didnt help too

I want to thank all the people who helped me with this project like Ashleybanger (Sasuke, Naruto,etc), Antfish (George W. Bush) , reviewerman12 (Frankie) and Andrea Giese (Sakura) for their awesome voices =D you guys are great!!

Well after this i`m moving onto other stuff n_n lately Hetalia has been the brand new popular anime and i have some ideas in my head about it (plus some fanart i`ve doing in my Deviantart account), also i want to advance my comic called Generation WTF, and i would like to make some shorties since next year i`ll do the thesis on UPC so i can finally graduate -_-U so yeah i dont feel like making another BIG project like a NR (plus the manga is not the same once your favorite characters are killed T_T) buuuuuuuu

I`m taking a break for now, so i think i`ll be doing fanart til i`m done with this term at university n_n

Take care!! =D

About NR 7...

2008-10-06 16:02:24 by fioriparty

Well this is my first post here n_n

I would like to thank you all guys for your support on the NR series n_n you´ve been really nice!!

What most people want to know is when will NR7 be released, well i have to say that now i am very busy with university, i have tons to read -_- most of it is phylosophy and ethycs and i have to make essays, then i have a lot of teamwork which are campaings for different products T_T and i have to make expositions almost everyweek so i am REALLY BUSY T_T

yeah it is hard to be an advertiser on the UPC university

i wanted to make a flash for the OTAKUFEST (which is an anime convention here in Peru) but then again university gave a lot of homework so i had to suspend that project at 50% advanced -_- well i think i will complete that flash for the next convention

NR7 is at 35% advanced , i have almost three musical clips done and i already thought about the intro (i always have problems making intros n-nU i think they are the most difficult part of a flash T_T) which will be kinda long because it is a scene and then a musical clip

i made a trailer for NR7 and i did not uploaded here because it was too short

/* */
after making the script of teh main scene of NR7 which will be "Springtime for Fiori and Sasuke" and it is connected with teh intro scene i thought that explain the whole history of how Sasuke ended up in a cheerry blossom forest will take too long and i dont want to deal with heavy flash files -_- so i think i will make a second trailer... longer...funnier... and shocking XD

until then maybe i will make little flashes to keep you guys entertained but that depends on how many free time i have

so please be patient cause NR7 will take a while (plus i have to make it in two different languages n-nU but i will upload the english version here)

thanks for you support! n_n